An unrequieted love

I never told you how much I liked you but I only watched you from a distance because you were attached and I did not believe it right to interfere in another's relationship. I still believe that so that is why I am writing this message you will never find.

I missed you. It has been over ten years. I fell in love with you when I first met you at the age of twenty one. You were so full of dreams and I felt likr you were so strong and independent. All the losers I dated never amounted to your IQ or EQ. You made me feel taken care of. You helped me in crucial ways at critical times without wanting anything in return.

You told me you missed me.. that was after I moved away. I missed you too. I always felt we were similar in how we viewed the world and how we are wanting to make something of ourselves from nothing.

I miss you still. No one has ever been quite like you and absence of you has always been an enduring pain and abyss I had to learn to live with, I remember on days like this. I think when or if I ever see you again I just might hug you and cry for a long time tears of longing and sadness but joy in seeing you.

I loved you.