Barking Dog in Oregon City!

I don't know if you realize how annoying it is to have your dog barking (howling) during the day and night (2:00am this morning), but it really is. Also, I don't know if you have a hole in your fence or what but I would appreciate it if you would keep your dog in your yard, not mine. Thanks!
I'm not sure which neighbor you are, but I would like to meet you. I know that my dogs probably barked quite a bit on July 4th with the fireworks and I do apologize. They were in the house, but the windows were open since it was very warm that night. I am hard of hearing and I take my hearing aids out at night, so I'm not always aware if they bark at night. I could give you my phone number if this happens in the future. If they are barking during the day and I am at work I am not aware of this. They stay in the house during the day and I normally keep the windows closed when I'm gone. I did notice that I forgot to close one of them on the 5th in the morning when I went to pick up a friend at the airport. As far as the fence I think I have plugged the holes so my beagle cannot get out. I have not noticed him escaping since I did this. I want to be able to rebuild the fence, but do not have the funds right now. Please introduce yourself. I'm a very reasonable person.