I hate the fact that I fell in love with you because I messed with you, even up to this day, we've had countless fights, stupid discussions, and embarrassing moments, yet why can't I stop loving you? I don't even know why I like/love you? You're an annoying girl who had her head stuck up her butt during high school, you thought that the world revolved around you and that you were the best. Why can't you just get out of my head, I wish I could erase you from the face of the earth, cause every time I see your name,picture, or smile, all I feel is regret. All the time that I wasted on you, all the money, all you've brought me was pain and misery,and you dare say to me that you never even liked me? After all I did for you? I'm glad that you still have your head stuck up your butt,it just proves that a person like you was never meant for someone like me.