Hey Luke,

You know what, we've been so far away to each other that you may or you may not know who I am. For all I know, I might not be the only girl you talk to on the internet. It's crazy that I know so much about you and at the same time I don't. I know your personality towards me, but that might change completely once you're not in front of your phone talking to me. I know the shows you like, your favorite food, your work, the college degree that you're taking, your celebrity crush, your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, etc.

Sometimes when I ask questions to you, I get afraid that I might have crossed the unspoken line. My mind is full of doubts as I ceased to understand what's going on between us anymore. If you think of me as your friend then please do act like one and not like something else. We've been talking for almost three years.. and I reckon you can only remember a few facts about me.

You've never introduced me to your friends, neither did I. I didn't even dare bring that up cause who knows, you might be a playboy or perhaps you just don't want them to know about me. I understand that, don't worry. But to be honest, on the first year we've been talking, you've made me feel like a doormat. I was so mad at myself because there were shitloads of guys wanting my attention and I've never even let anyone to make me feel like shit.. but you did. You did and you might not even know about it because I'm too nice of a person. It was even hard to get you to say sorry.

You're a prick.
Or you used to be.

I love how you make me feel so loved and special but I don't know if you're real or not.

I don't fucking know anymore.

I love you nonetheless.
This time, it's not a joke.