So, I'm someone in theatre.

I don't know who picked this up, I just wanted to tell someone about this site.

It's a really cool concept.

But, I've got another concept. I want to put a smile on the faces in the department. So I want whoever picked this up to leave a comment saying something nice, or funny, or whatever would make the recipient laugh.

DON'T PUT NAMES. The purpose of this is to have anonymous niceness.

Continue using this card. I want to be able to check on it and see how much it's grown and everything. And I want anyone who's ever gotten the card to check on it as well. So save the ID Number if you want to check on it.

I really want this to work out. My goal is to have everyone pick it up. Stick it in cubbies, lockers, blackbox, auditorium, on Frank's couch, the desks, anywhere. Someplace where someone will pick it up.

Don't tell anyone about it verbally. Don't talk about it. Don't let anyone see you placing the card. It has to be super spontaneous and everything.

Nothing creepy.