Hi Nitin,

I know you don't know you know my name but right now don't know. All I want to say is that I find you pretty handsome so want to know you more. I could say it face-to-face so tried through this.
Would like to go out for a coffee with me?

HI Anonymous,

I am overwhelmed by you admiration but if you know me and find me pretty handsome, then you can come and directly talk to me. I am very easy to go guy.

And once I know you ...sure we can go for a cup of coffee.

Hi NITIN :) ,

Thank you for your trust and message.
You have eased my nervousness.

Soooooo........... when can we go for coffee? :D:D

Nitin I know that you think this is a prank. But it's not.
I work in your office only. Didn't have the courage so approached you via this.
you are sach a jerk that you don't appreciate a girl's approach.

Shame on you.