Again, I write anonymously to tell you that the people coming into your office to interview are really not impressed. This is why job offers are being rejected.
Your new HR guy is another "Ian Cronie" hired because he was a former Marine. Yes, he has experience in HR, but he's a sheister, and everyone knows it. How can you justify putting KATHY'S BOYFRIEND on the payroll?????????
And, to think that a job offer was put out to ANOTHER WHITE MALE for the Communications Director position! Are you kidding me??????
What a joke!
I am really sorry to see Lycoming go so far down the tubes, so quickly.
Again, Kathy is at the reigns with her evil ways and manipulation games - and you're allowing this to continue. Her minions are everywhere, but she is so far in the weeds with her boss, he's a scared wussy. He's turned into the biggest joke. We know he's leaving us if Bell Helicopter calls him. He's only temporary.