i want to be everything to you.

i just always assumed you were outta my league. 'cause you are, believe it or not. i've liked you since i met you. that first day i just knew something was special. it could've been one of those feelings that dies as time passes, but it hasnt died. i barely know you but i really like you. i don't know how to express it, and i'm scared you wouldn't feel the same way.

i have liked you for years. You are the most beautiful women i have ever met and i find you completely perfect. kindness is a natural thing for you and it shows. physically you make my knees weak! never could i imagine a woman with a body and looks even close to you.

i know that you can't tell who this is but i couldn't wait any longer for you. i don't ask much just the chance for one encounter. my life seriously would be complete with it

i don't think I can lie on my deathbed without one chance and had to try. i surely hope you can understand.

i have never been more attracted physically or emotionally to a woman. you really are a miracle.