I'm Coming No Matter What

You were my 1st boyfriend and it happened so fast that I was caught completely off-guard. Our 1 month together was like a television drama! No joke! It also took place in a foreign country, which made it even more unique.
When I had to leave, we kept instant messaging each other and stayed in touch.
But I guess it was an 'out of sight and out of mind' moment, you stopped messaging me. But I do not give up easily, if there is a chance I will take it. I hand-knitted you a scarf since most girls in your country did that. In truth, I had no intentions or desire to learn. But I did. I also asked you if you still loved me, but you ignored that and would respond with a new topic.
So I am coming back. If you truly love me, you will come and seek me. But if not, I will let you go for good. I do not know what to expect and I know that I am crazy for going to another country just for the purpose of reclaiming love. But I need to do this to move on...I just hope the best comes from this.