Is it me?

I don't understand this. It's actually something that has been getting to me more than ever, but at the same time, it hasn't been getting to me.

I feel as if EVERYONE around me, is in a relationship. To see all these guys with girls that are actually good girls, really confuses me. Reason being, these guys that are able to get into a relationship with such wholesome women, seem like such scum of the earth.

These jerkoff of guys are giving they're girlfriends a hard time in so many aspects. AND THESE GIRLS STICK AROUND!wtf?

I feel as if I'm an all around good guy. I'm a hard worker, I have goals and determination, I'm doing great in college, I make my own living and support my self pretty much, I have a couple business ventures I'm getting off the ground, I'm a loyal person, an honest person, with values and morals. And I have been told i'm quite the looker, although, I can vouch for average at best. But I can't remember the last time I even had a relationship.

Now, heres where it mind fucks me at times. I have a disability. I'm not paralyzed or anything. I walk with crutches, and can do pretty much what an able bodied person can do. I'm normally a very strong minded individual, without having the need for outside support for anything. I deal with things in a very laid back manner. I don't show my emotions to anyone. If i feel down about situations of high caliber, I won't express them to any body. Not even my best friend.

Is it my disability that is really handicapping me to find love? Have women nowdays become so shallow, they only see that?

I need some outside thoughts on this.