You know me. She loves you. I pity her. I can never be sure whether you remember me or not but I sure as fuck hope you remember her.You know, your junior- the chick that fell in love with you.Three years ago. That one whom you told you were embarrassed of? Whom you often belittled in front of your friends, me included. That she was too much of a nuisance for you? Yea, that chick. The one who was there when you cried like a pussy because you felt alone and frustrated at life. She was the one who stood right by your side when you needed her yet you treated her like yesterday's trash. You bitched about her to your so-called friends even when you were "friends" with her. You know you're an A-class bastard with so little moral that I feel disgusted frowning upon you. She loved you. No,correct that, she loves you. And never in all these years that I've know her did she say anything about bad about you. Instead, when everybody got to know what you did to her, she still defended you. She cried. Believe me, she was hurt when you said she wasn't good enough for her without giving her any reasons. I was there. I saw. I watched her turn into something she despised. How she accepted that it was her that was lacking and not you. You were an adult.You should have known how things would turn out. You KNEW what exactly you were doing! And yet you did as you please.When you left, she got lost. Lost who she really was. Lost that she might ever be enough for somebody. But to you it wasn't the end, was it? You came back and treated her like you always did.Like dirt. I hope that you die a lonely man and remember that when all the time you were trying to get laid with those dumb bitches you called girlfriends, she was crying over you.For you.I pray when you're in your death-bed you remember how scared she was when she confided in you how she was assaulted by her cousin and how her father mentally and physically abused her. I pray you die lonely just like she lost herself in that empty space. I hate you. I hate you for what you did to her. I hate you for what your lies turned her into. I loathe your existence. A bastard like you doesn't deserve true love after how you killed one.