Thanks!! On behalf of myself and countless others who could not park next to you at the Convention Center today because you chose to take up two whole spaces for your gas guzzling SUV. I guess I needed the extra walk, but I'm sure that there are many who would have appreciated a few extra steps. I guess you didn't care since you got such a nice spot near the elevator and you wanted to make sure to park your tires right on the line so nobody could use that space. Are you just a really bad driver and parker? Do you just not give a shit? Or are you so stupid or self absorbed that you didn't even realize what you did?

I think that you wanted to take up extra space and then make it not look like you did it deliberately. It didn't work...Next time, just park your SUV with the line right down the middle under your vehicle. C'mon, be proud to be an asshole and let everyone know it.