Um... Hi, Hunter

Yep... This is weird. But I felt this was the only way to tell you without adding another awkward moment to the mega long list of awkward things that I say or do to you or around you. I swear to George this isn't a love note! It's more of a...friendship note. I just wanted to thank you for being my friend and not giving up on me even after all the stupid things I say and the weird things I do. Most normal people would label me as "the weird kid" and push me away. But you didn't. And I just thought you should know how much you mean to me, as a friend. You're a great guy, Hunter. Thanks for putting up with me even when I suck at acting like a normal human being. Hope you have a great summer, and please don't move too far away. Don't ever stop being you, no matter how many Bens you frame or how many people you stab or how many ducks you hear secrets from. Thanks again, and please don't give up on me. Hopefully I won't be this awkward forever. (I might be just as clumsy though)
Yep. So there's how I feel about our friendship. I'm glad you're my friend and I hope you never decide I'm too weird for you, because so far I'm pretty entertained by your weirdness and wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not really sure what to say now, so I'll say good-bye. Good-bye!