Hi, im a girl who goes to your school and really likes you. Though you'll probably find out later who i am from one of my "friends", im going to stay anon for now. But yeah, I think you're an amazing guy and I love everything about you. Sorry if thats too mushy but its true. You always brighten my day and put a smile on my face. I wake up thinking about you and go to bed thinking about you. Im such a weirdo! ;) I would say this to your face but im to scared. If I was confident in you liking me back then I would. But, you liking me? Ha. That would never happen. Plus people have told me that you like 2 other girls who are gorgeous compared to me. And this has been killing me to keep a secret for as long as I've liked you and feels good to get out. Though, once you find out who this is, its gonna be a HUGE embarrassment for myself. But I thought that you ought to know. So, in conclusion, I just wanted to let you you know that, 1. I like you and 2. You're an incredibly cute guy who has the best personality and smile in the whole, wide world