You might be the most worthless person this company has ever hired. I am not sure as to why you were hired in the first place, but it was a mistake. If I could find the right person in HR and find out every boss you had, I would submit them all to be fired immediately. They should have noticed what a horrible employee you are, but it looks like they could never pull the trigger, so they just happily pushed you off on to someone else.

I hope that your current boss will let you go. I will be sure to inform them of what a slacker you are. "Work from home," what a lame excuse you have, you don't work from home, or at the office. You are a waste of company resources.

I hope you see the worthlessness you are and just quit!
$5,000,000 says otherwise

Wow, see that is what I am talking about. $5,000,000 says otherwise??? What are you talking about?!?! This company would never give that kind of money to anyone but the top dogs, which you are far from.

You disgust me.