Immediately, and anonymously relay a message to anyone – at any time by using free HadToSay cards in just a few simple steps.

1 Get a card

The card serves as a 'message notification' for the recipient of your message. Cards are downloaded as PDFs and printed by you.

2 Write a message

Detach and scan the QR code on the card's sender tab (or manually enter the card ID and PIN under the 'Read' tab on the homepage). You will be taken to the message page where you write you message, and optionally upload a picture.

3 Deliver

Discretely deliver the card - be sure to retain the 'sender stub'. The card lets the recipient know they have a message at HadToSay, and tells them how to retrieve it.

4 Wait

Periodically rescan the QR code on the sender stub (if you did not bookmark the sender url) to see if you've received a response.

Now what exactly is HadToSay?

With HadToSay you have the ability to deliver a message (anonymously if you so choose) to anyone you encounter throughout the day... be it the knucklehead who keeps parking in your reserved spot at work, the cute barista you just don't have the courage to approach face-to-face, the cubicle neighbor who is oblivious to the serious body odor issue they have or perhaps the high school crush to whom you didn't had the courage to profess your fondness for. In fact in the course of a typical day, we all experience situations (positive, and no so positive) in which we had the desire to say something – but in that moment lacked the courage, the words or perhaps the nerve to speak up.

Not only can HadToSay help you say it without owning it, but if the recipient of your note chooses, they can even respond. To make things more interesting, randomly selected notes may be posted publicly at HadToSay, though the identities of the senders and recipients will remain protected.

How does it work?

The foundation of HadToSay is the HadToSay notification cards, which have two parts; the card (which gets delivered to the recipient), and the stub (which you retain).

Once you have downloaded and printed the card, stick it in your purse, wallet, car, or wherever else it will be handy the next time you encounter a situation where you have something to say but lack the time, words or nerve to say it face-to-face.

When you're ready, simply detach the sender stub, then scan the QR code (or enter the card ID and PIN at to be taken to the note page where you will be able to type your message and optionally attach an image (bookmark that note page). Once your message has been added to the note page, discretely deliver the card to your target (er I mean message recipient). IMPORTANT: In the event you don't yet know what you want to say, the card can be delivered before the message is written. If the recipient tries to retrieve their note before you've written it, they will be informed that the message is in progress and asked to check back later, just don't wait too long.

The card (which the recipient received from you) contains a simple set of instructions explaining how to go about retrieving their message. They simply scan the QR code on the card (or use the note ID and PIN at to pick up their message. If they so choose, they have the option to respond. To check if you've received a response, simply visit the bookmarked note page, or rescan the QR code on your sender stub. There is no limit to the number of back and forth responses, and the you remain anonymous – so long as you choose.

You are not required to sign in to use HadToSay, however if you do sign in (using Facebook sign-in) you will have access to your user page where you can keep track of your sent notes, see if you have any responses to sent notes, re-print cards, enter new messages for delivered cards, and even opt to receive a notification when your notes have been picked up and when they've been responded to.