I know we just became awesome friends but I think I like you even though you have a girl friend. Also I lied about when people touch me. I mean I don't like it when they do, but around you I don't mind.(But i get kinda shy when you do!) I just act like I don't so it seems like I only like you as a friend. I MEAN I DO BUT BUT BUT I REALLY LIKE YOU! I mean really really like you. JUST DON'T TELL YOUR GIRL FRIEND! I mean you can BUT I DUNNO HER VERY WELL. I dunno. I just seriously like you ok. Maybe that's why my hand writing was super neat when I wrote down my e-mail to give to you! And if you just want to stay friends! Its completely fine with me! Really! But that doesn't mean that I won't stop liking you.



(P.S) Lets not tell Mr. Mike ok. :I