Dear Friend,

Thanks for accepting me. I wasn't sure how you would react when I told you, but you far exceeded my expectations. I just needed to tell you because I needed to know what you would do, how you would perceive me, and if you would still care about me. But most importantly I told you because I needed a friend in a hard time. I needed someone who could understand me. I needed a person I could count on to accept me even if we weren't the same or didn't believe the same things. I needed you to know that I wasn't angry at you, just saddened by the world. Distant because of hardships within my own life. I never hated you and I never will, and I'm glad to know that you don't hate me and never could. I needed to be sure of that. I needed things to be okay, and you helped me so much with that.

Thanks for loving me even though I'm gay.