Don't get freaked out!

Hi Jenn (:
So, where do I start. Okay first, I'll tell you that I found this site and thought it could be a cute method to tell someone something, that I just couldn't tell them in person or otherwise. So I shall resort to this. I know you, and you know me. But we don't *know* each other. And I think it would be amazingly awesome if we changed that. I'll be blunt and say that I am confident you don't know who I am. You may have ideas, but I don't think you would expect this of me. Regardless, you have the option to respond to my message and if you do...Well, I still won't tell you who I am. But I WILL, however, act accordingly based on your reaction this. In the spirit of this anonymous note, I just think you're a truly outgoing, unique, and fun person. Can you blame me for expressing interest? And even if you're not the "type" for any relationship at this time...that doesn't mean that we can't be closer friends right?