every sunrise must end for the day to begin

if i had told myself three years ago that today i honestly loved you, i probably would have looked on in disbelief and then avoided you at every cost. but somehow, that's exactly what happened. i dont know how i never noticed your amazing heart and soul before. but it hurts i might never have met the true you if not for bittersweet circumstances. you say that you are no good at compliment, but every word you say about me melts in my mouth. everytime you say my name, i still smile. i feel like i can open myself up to you, be honest with you unlike i can with anyone else. i only wish to warn you. i do not trust myself when it comes to love. i used to love being in love. now i just love you. and this is why i dont want to hurt you. i do not doubt that you will be fine, i know that you will find a million more people who will fall head over heels for you, if you choose to let them in. you've admitted how you feel about me, but neither of us are very good at letting the outside world into our heads. we enjoy keeping things locked away far too much. but this is why i want to ask you-if you care about me as deeply as you say, why are you so willing to let me go, only because fate put a minor obstacle in our way? i guess that i am not ready to face reality as willingly as you do, but i know thats what you want, so i will. farewell, please remember that i love you. and thank you.