Feenin 4 you

You have made it more than clear that I don't have a chance at having you. I can see why considering our history. All I know is all of a sudden it hit me that I have had this feeling for you a long time. Its probably best we stay friends. I listened to him and it blinded me. Not to mention you were such a good friend for so long. I just want you to know when you see me that even though I just say hi. I am feenin for you inside. If you ever give me the chance. I will make you forget all that drama.
How do you propose to make me forget the drama? There is lots of it so don't make promises you can't keep
I have many skills and making honeys forget drama is one of them. Sounds like you need to think of someone else when ever you get low. There is a function today. Get out and have some fun. Some people would like to see your smile. I would like to see your lovely lady humps.
I thought I knew who this was but now I don't. Your real arrogant to think your the only person who I have told they don't have a chance or that can make me forget drama. LOL. If you are the usual suspect...then knock it off. You only want to test my loyalty. Hope u r up for it. Its 5 star blue ribbon quality. Many have tried none have suceeded. If u see me today say something.
I didn't say anything last night. I doubt if you would have noticed. You had your hands full. If you know who I am then all you have to do is say "YES". You make me so so so. mmmmmm.
Oh My!?