I get that you find the topic of Illuminati pretty interesting but this is over the board. You went to the extent of researching on "new world order" and even believed that the bombing in Boston is caused by the Illuminati. Reason is- WHO ARE THEY? You keep referring to them as they. What? Do you even know shit about them? I doubt so man, I doubt so. In addition, you could even fucking conclude that another country would be bombed because it is a new world order for Illuminati. So fucking ridiculous. What annoys me is how much you believe it that shit. You looked scared out of your mind, you seem to think that all of this is truth. Well, they are not. Get that in your head. If it's fake then so be it, I'll be the victim of death. Yeah. I am that confident. You even believed in the "Oppa Gangnam Style" conspiracy. OH FUCK DAMMIT. Are you.... are you for real?