Happy One Month!

Gahhh, I love you so much! I wouldn't have ever expected to find such an amazing person, who has been right in front of me for years. I'm sorry I didn't realize how unbelievable you are until now, I wasted so much time on people not worthy of my time, when I should've been spending it with you! I love you with all my heart, forever..
hmm I wonder who this could be?? ;) I love you too sweetheart! You're seriously the absolute best! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! where ever you were, it made you into the person i know and love today, and I am forever grateful. You show me love like nobody else has, and I can't get enough of it! You've made my night 1.0 X 10^∞ times better(: actually, you make my life 1.0 X 10^∞ times better!