Hate to see you go

But ::love:: to watch you leave.
I haven't gone anywhere... who is this?
You go way back to your corner. Come stand a little closer. It's a ::much:: better view for me.
I'll leave my cave...which way should i walk?
count back a zone or two or three
Darn! Too busy to look!!
Well, that was a nice treat!
Are you doing a parade? No ::do:: look hot today...
where are you and are you going to happy hour?
That's info you can't know. :)
are you going to happy hour at Spatz?
you have to give me some clue?
Hope you had a nice weekend, hottie.
my weekend was good, but too short... How was your weekend?
You had it spot on--too short! It would have been nice to see you today. But there's always tomorrow. If you see me, why not give me a wink?! And if it's not me, you'll make someone's day!
im not sure i should go around winkin strangers lol.
Strange? :( I may be, but I mean well! ;)
so you not going to give me any clues at all?
I haven't seen you for days! If I see you today, I'll let you know what color I'm wearing.
I guess you're still hiding. Wish a look at those nice arms was ushering me into the weekend.
Black shirt two days in a row!
glad you're back walking around!
hahaha... yea this week was a rough laundry week. What color are you wearing? Come downtown this weekend and lets have drinks.... :)
Happy Valentine's day, handsome.
Happy vday stranger.
I left you something in your mailbox.
Thanks for the walk-by! ;)
thanks! how nice..)
Definitely worth it just to see you!
ahh.. so you sit near the mailboxes huh.
Nope. But you happened to walk my way on the way back. And I just saw you! Although you look nice in long sleeves, I like your arms much better exposed. XOX
If only I were your type.
You whistle quite well!
ha ha i like to whistle ... thanks for the candy... and I'm not sure you know what my type is...
You're right. I probably don't. But I believe I have some idea! Have a great day, and don't forget to walk around a little!
Yes! Come back!
Next time ::talk:: to me, please! I am so tired of this work and need a break!
you can talk to me. I don't know who you are remember
You have no idea at all?
It's Friday! Hope you have a good day and bring sexy back to this zone.
Happy short week! :)
thanks for the card... i like presents.
which zone are you in?
Ha ha. Right! That would give it away...
Okay. I will say that I'm not too near and not too far. And today I wore green. But I never saw you. :( At least humpday's almost here. ;)
its humpday now, what color are you wearing?
:) Good morning! Many colors! You look hot as usual.
when did you see me?
This morning! When did you see ME?
I don't know...probably everyday and have no clue.
I think you're right. I will never be on your radar, but you'll always bring a gleam to my eye! I'm not exactly NLA material ;)
well you're pretty awesome whoever you are ... perhaps you should give yourself more credit ... how do you know about NLA?
Heard it through the grapevine. Hope you're having an excellent day!
Have we ever spoken ...verbally?
Ha ha. :) Yes.
how many times?
Enough for me to know I am ::so;; not your type! But a girl can drool, right?
you r funny.
Anonymity breeds bravery ;)
Friday eve! You walked the wrong way this morning :(
Happy Friday to me! :D
That was a thank you for the walk-by. ;)
Well darn-it...There was a time when you said hello to me with the handsome smile, but now you're back to the stone face! You must have figured me out. Hope you have a nice weekend regardless!
oops .. im sorry .. i must have been deep in thought. I still have no clue who you are but I will try to smile at everyone. :)
The office will definitely be a brighter place with you and those eyes smiling around every corner. Have a great week :)
The office will definitely be a brighter place with you and those eyes smiling around every corner. Have a great week :)
thank you for the card!
what brands do you work with?
I can't tell you which brand. That would give me away. Hope your day is a happy one!
i think you should give me a new clue everyday.
I want to know more about you. What kind of traits do you respect in a woman?
I'll also give you a clue. I'm definitely shorter than you.
what kind of traits do I respect in a woman? I'm not sure anyone has ever asked me that.
That's why I'm here ;)
Yes! Nice backside!
where did you see me?
While sitting in my cube, of course!
Haven't seen you at all today...You must be busy!
Where oh where are you these days?!
Ahhhhh...All is now right with my world :)
i wish all was right in my world. Stressful Monday. I went to the beach friday .. now im paying for it... Come give me a massage.
GOD! Don't say that kind of stuff. Now I won't be able to think all afternoon!
Thought about you last night...
i must ask what you thought about?
Not until you answer my question from last week! ;)
what question is that?
What kind of traits do you respect in a woman?
conservative in society and a freak in the sheetz...
That's ludacris! ;)
P.S. I have not seen you ALL WEEK :(
where have you been hiiding?
i am also not really sure what that question means?
The one about women? I'm curious what you value...intelligence, humor, musicality, athleticism, kindness...ability to party, aesthetics...qualities within or outer shell? What do you respect the most?

I'm in my cubical!
cubicle :P
I respect and value all of those things. What I probably value the most is individuality in a person. A person that is true to thyself as well as people and world around them. I'm tired of all the fake ass people in this world.
Well that's a nice, honest answer. Thank you :)
I hope you have a nice weekend. Take a walk around before you head out, please!
i've been walking around all day where ya been? Perhaps I walk in the wrong direction
Yes. You don't come my way anymore.
Thank you. ;)
OK. How about now? :) Hope you had a great weekend!
Are you going to be working with MM now?
Mmmm, looking good in blue!
who's MM? Marshall Mathers ... hehe.
Ha! Nope...But working with MM...does that get you closer to my zone? I hope so.

Oh my...You look SO FVCKING HOT TODAY!
Ahhh blue again. :D
Those freckles...
what are you wearing? I came to work naked.
Don't tease me. I know you're in the specs again ;-)
yea it makes people think im smart . :P
And makes me horny.
you can always masterbate at work :P
A lady never confesses to such shenanigans! ;)
So, tell me ... what have you always wanted in a woman that you haven't come across yet?
its not just one thing ... everyone has something to offer .. and every girl has at least 1 aspect a man could fall in love with.
Perhaps I am just not as emotionally available as I should be
You'll probably become more "emotionally available" when you meet someone that makes you want to be that kind of available. :)

What do you wish you were experiencing that you're not experiencing now with women?
well i always wanted to have a threesome .. lol
That proves it! You're male!
haha ... yes i am male
How does your girlfriend describe you to her friends?
Ohhh...Did I just year you're available? Perhaps to entertain me and my girlfriend? (In our dreams!)
im single and down to mingle
Love those glasses. Did you see me shopping?
Where are you?!?!?
When were you shopping? Also, can I ask how old you are?
I was shopping on my computer. And I am older than you. But I think we would have attended high school at the same time.
Hope you apply for the job I had someone send you. Seems like it would be your kind of place, although I'd miss seeing you here! BUT I haven't seen you in forever!
where have you been hiding .??.. Thanks for the job info .. Ill def check it out!!
I haven't been hiding...YOU have! I don't even know if you're still in your handsome glasses or have reverted back to contact lenses (which incidentally allow me to drool over your freckles.) Mmmm...
Have a great week. Nice jeans.
back to contacts! I was tired of being a nerdddd :)
Wow. You totally just dissed me :)
me and you and shannon should hang out
oh yeah?
You look very nice today. Tan looks good on you.
Hope you're doing well!
Looking good, mr!