So as i write this I am still not sure I should be. But I am, so screw. Anyway this date has always been an issues with other quasi-socialist friends of mine. It being a fake "Holiday" and all. But regardless, I hope you have a "Happy February 14, 2008". Hope you like the flowers as well(another thing some friends of mine have issues with). But nonetheless, I hope you like them. I don't even know if you like flowers or not but there you go.
Well thanks for the baked goods and enjoy the progressive death of your once beautiful flowers. me
You may call yourself a progressive when you allow yourself to divest in the power and pleasure you gain from harassing (much) young(er) women than yourself. Its funny how you've told the same stories, shared the same pictures, and become a chameleon for whatever benefits you in each context. It makes me sick to think that you've taught young impressionable women and even dated one. Actions speak louder than words and, frankly, I am frightened by your actions. I can only hope that you seek some type of help and support in your obvious struggle to regain power vis-a-vis your masculinity that you feel denied through other parts of your identity. I guess you underestimated me by reaching out with your bullshit, and for that and much more, I find you quite sad.