Hey Steve!

I am not putting my name on this for obvious reasons. I would never do anything that you didn't want me to. I love you and I think that you still love me. Have you missed me as much as I have missed you. You found two ribbons inside this egg. If you still have feelings for me, just tie the red one onto the antenna of your truck. If you are happy with your life the way it is, just tie on the other and I will know to leave you alone. If I see the red bow there, don't worry I will get in touch with you making sure that no one will ever know. That is why I chose this web site. I can't be traced. If I don't see a red bow...(but I hope I will) I will TRY to leave you alone. I still love you and I miss you very much. I hope to see colors flying soon. You know how much we meant to each other and I want you back in my life again, no matter what the cost. We can be more careful, I promise. I love you Steve!