Hey there, astronaut.

You're a week away from graduating. Feeling good about that one? I hope you're feeling spectacular. Sure, stressed, but really, what a life. You've gotta be feeling SOMETHING good! (And if not, hey. I got you, honey. I have a million hugs and kisses, just for you.)

But you know how I'm feeling? Annoyyyyed! You drive me craaaazy!

However, I wouldn't change it for the world, partially because I know I can drive you up a wall, too. (For example, today you didn't seem pleased with my impersonation of a velociraptor in class. (I don't see why not - I make a damn good velociraptor if I do say so myself, but I guess to each their own.)) I hope you realize just how much I care about you, love. You're my suuunshiiine on a clouuudy daayyy...

Speaking of the sun, I'm looking forward to the summertime - don't start disappearing on me quite yet. I was just starting to get used to you. And don't go spreading it around but... I maybe even like you a little bit.(; Cya soon, mumble. I love you and stuff. Xx.