I Am Not A Toy

Don't you see my saddened expression. Don't you see the way you treat me when everyone else is around. I am not your doll. You shouldn't treat me nice when we are alone and practically ignore me when others come over. You guys are hypocrites, jerks and not fit to be parents. You make me want to just disappear all together. But I won't. Just for the money you give me. But when Im 20, I'm taking all my stuff and disappearing from your lives. Its so soon!!! Thank God. Your families are liars and they are all fucked up. Lucky me... right? "You have everything!" You tell me. "Don't talk shit!" you tell me. But You guys know very well that I'm right and your pride doesn't let you admit it.
I want you guys to know, Ive had sex, I have a boyfriend thats older than me, I watch porn sometimes and swear and say sexual jokes. It makes me, me. And I will not change. OH!!! and I forgot, I might also be pregnant. My boyfriend, is that guy you didn't like. Even if you hate him and think he's a slaker, guess what!!!!??? He loves me more than anything else. And I'm happy for once.
Go through your memories and think off me, what do you usually see? I know what I see.... A BLACK DAMN HOLE YOU F*****G WORMS!
PS. Father, Your mother tells my own brother I'm a whore..... You should know this, but even if you did...wouldn't do shit.

I'm happy now. With the person I love. So forget about me. Soon you wont ever see me again.