I am not sure you understand...

what your support means to me. Sure, I can do things on my own. I am pretty capable and independent. But having someone one hundred percent behind what I like to do is such a gift. I thank you often for all you do for me but I don’t think it is enough. You gave up most of your week and your whole weekend to support me without ever complaining, not even once. You made sure I stayed sane and was able to accomplish all the things that needed to get done. You even vacuumed, dusted, got me flowers, did the dishes and probably many other little things that I didn’t notice and you were too gracious to bring to my attention.

I am pretty lucky to have you. I hope you know that.
It's cuz I love you a whole lot and cuz you do the same for me all the time. I love my life with you in it.
I feel your love... all the time. All the little things you do for me. The look on your face when I am waking up. Your little kisses all over my face. I sure feel loved.