I Just Had to Say

I just had to say HAPPY Best Friend Anniversay!!!! : ) it was on april 26th that i met my best friend and i am proud to say that on the 26th of february we have been best friends for 10 months.

So in recognition of this glorius occasion I have decided to respond to your had to say..since i have not yet had the privlege to do so although thinking about it now i realize its gonna be hard to beat the treasure box (it had rhinestones and everything haha)
you did not think that i forgot about that did you... haha yes i remembered : )
well i decided what better time to respond to your had to say than now:

So here it goes:

Well let's just say from personal experience i think you are one in a million. There is not one thing, head to toe, inside and out that i would ever change about you. You are perfect just as you are(i mean i know right)or your response (duhhhh i already know that, yess thank you!! hahah : ) Its funny too because you always had this magical ability to put a smile on my face even when it is about me being broke and in debt. You have this perfect little smile everytime you talk, this cute little giggle every time you tell a joke, an angelic voice that makes even bad words sound beautiful, and a remarkably funny but ohh so cute little face when you get mad.

As a best friend i would die before you ever had to feel one ounce of pain
As a best friend i will always be here whenever you need me
And as a best friend I will always love you!

All that aside I know you have a good heart, are an amazing intelligent beautiful young woman and i am really glad that you are happy and who knows maybe one day we will be dancing to Lucky by Jason Mraz as it will be the luckiest and happiest day of my life

Happy best friend Anniversay!!!
I LOVE YOU Denise Quattrini