I just had to say...

well... for quite some time, I've realized that you walked into my life at the right time. I used to always think that I'd be fine handling life on my own. But I've been given this opportunity to share it with you - either just a weekend's company, or a text conversation - and now I sort of feel that it's kinda nice knowing you don't have to handle it all on your own.

I try not to predict the future, for I find much joy in the unexpected. But I just had to let you know that I cherish time spent with you and am absolutely grateful for your presence - in love, friendship, even the biz! The support you've shown has completely revived me and any success given to me is partly yours. Big words that I never expected to be able to express to anyone.

I'd hate to let time pass without expressing this and really I like to overappreciate than underappreciate.

I hope I can provide the same kind of support that I feel you've given to me.
toad...i appreciate the kind words...i just found this note on my freakin desk!