I know you have a gf but..

Hi, you don't know me and you probably haven't noticed me much either but i have you. I think you're reaallly cute and the fact that you wrestle i think is fuckin aswesome. have a gf and i know what it's like to have someone coming onto your significant other, i respect that boundary which is why i've been incredibly reluctant to say anything. I found this site and thought it was a pretty kewl way to let you know nd stay anonymous 'cause if i didn't tell you in some way it was gonna bother me forever. I hate missed oppourtunities and if you were alone i'd definitely tty in person. I'm not a coward either lol, my confidence just isn't up there especially with a guy i could potentially like. But i just wanted to let you know, sorry for the length i tend to write/type alot :)