I love you

From the moment I saw you I felt alive. I’ve never ever felt like this. I’ve never seen someone and just felt instantly happy, It’s an amazing feeling, probably one of the best I have ever experienced, ever.

I feel this way because of you. You make me feel this way, I woke up and I knew I was going to see you today. I knew that you were going to be there to hug me, and cuddle with me, and hold me, and love me. I knew that would happen today, and it did.

Since the moment I first talked to you I knew you were special. I’m so glad I met you.

I have no words for you, you just make me so happy. You don't even know the immense amounts of happiness you cause me to feel. Just by being around me. I know we fight sometimes and I know it can get rough, but I will always love you. Stay.

Basically what I'm trying to say is I love you, and no matter what happens I don't want you to leave because you are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.