I miss you,

Well, it's so complicated, so deep & soo long that I've become numb. I'm tired. Tired of being your friend when you are low, tired of being totally ignored when u are happy. Tired of seeing your affectionate self with some ungrateful people, while all I get of you are pieces. Pieces I then put together with a whole lot of love. I read you like a book, I know you inside out. I've even told that to you also.I can sense times when you really need me, or when you miss having me around. I know exactly what you are feeling, I even know what you're gonna order when we go out.
Admit it, although we hang out very little, there is a quota of time in your head that you have to dedicate to me, whether you like it or not, want it or not. You may go as far as you want from me, but you keep coming back also.The moments you need to spend with me to be okay are the same as the moments I need to spend with you to be okay. I don't care whether it's lunch, brunch, a movie. a call... Miss talking to you on the phone also nowadays.
My best memories are with you, my best moments too. Our long walks, our conversations, our random rants about things we see. I love you so very much that people, I am sure confuse that to be something else. You are my best friend, but my feelings for you are way more than that. I love you for exactly who you are. & it kinda saddens me to see you change into someone you are not, getting influenced so easily by frivolous things & people. God...
Wherever you are, whoever you become, you should I will always be right here for you.I don't care as a whole or as pieces of a broken heart, you will always find me here for you.