I'm in love with you

The first words out of my mouth after meeting you in January of 2011 were "I'm gonna make him mine one day." Since then a lot has happened seeings how that was over a year ago. On June 23, 2011 you and your girlfriend of one year broke up. On June 24 (your 18th birthday) you went and got a new tattoo only to drop my neighbor off at home at 4am the next morning. Of course you wanted someone to hang with for a little while and that person happened to be me. You said I was cute and I had said for months that you were FINE! So I figured why not hang out from 4am to 5am. And so began what I thought to be the greatest thing to ever happen in history. It is now February 29, 2012 and we have talked on and off ever since your birthday last year. You've broke my heart a time or two... or ok, like a hundred times, but to me, that doesn't matter. You're still you and I'm still me.. I still love you no matter what and I always will. I'm crazy about you. I almost every single date memorized where something has happened between us.. I mean 1/19/11 we met, 6/25/11 we hang out three times in one day, 11/4/11 you said i love you to me for the first time, 12/2/11 we start talking again, 1/1/12 you told me a lot of how you really feel about me, and 2/1/12 we hang out after i get out of school and we have a perfect/amazing/nothing-in-the-world-could-compare time together. We've come across some pretty big struggles along the way, but we've always managed to over come them. You have meant the world to me for a long time and ya know people say i'm dumb for goin back to someone who hurt me so many times, but every time I turn right around and say "Yeah, maybe I am and MAYBE just MAYBE I found someone that I'd do absolutely anything for because.. I'm in love with them." Every time we quit talking I get so worried that I'll never see you or talk to you again. I might spend days, week, and/or even months crying over you, but in the end no matter how bad you hurt me I'm still gonna love you in the end. I've never met a person who meant more to me than you. You hold a higher rank in my heart than any person EVER will. You've been there and made me smile and gave me someone to talk to when nobody else was there. Ya know all my life people have told me that when you find the one you'll know he is the one. Well with you i feel like everything is perfect and like you are THE one! I mean I can remember so much about you. Your favorite color, the kinds of cars you've had, your birthday, etc. I remember more about you than I remember about myself. Another quote people say is "Nobody's perfect... until you fall in love with them," and that's exactly how I see you.. Perfect!