I'm Sorry

You are a great person, sweet, loving, kind, considerate and many more things that there is not enough space to write. And the times we spent were amazing and true, because you were there for me in my hard time as you always were from the death of Aunty to my family issues to my unfaithful boyfriend. I love you, and you know this true, but I realised my loved can't mirror your love. You love me as something more and that I can not give. It broke my heart to tell you that we could not be around each other any more but you gave me no choice. I have someone I love, who I love deeply and also returns that love. You told me he could never love like you do, but he has and he does even more. You crossed the limit that night and I can not seem to grab a hold on "why". Still even though it hurt to tell you goodbye, I had to, I had to put aside 15 years of friendship. Call me stupid, as most people do so and I scream in my mind "why?", but now, I may understand why (maybe) but I love him, and I'm willing to make him my risk, he's been there for me as well, throw my hurts and struggles, injuries and pain... Don't think it a competition, but do know that as a fact when your "risk" comes along she will be all you want and deserve. I really really REALLY hope that one day we may get over this and both get what we want... I love you J