I spend days either wishing I could forget you or being grateful that I can't.
who is this?
That is incredibly flattering. How do I know you? When did i last see you?
If my message was intended as flattery, I'd tell you. It's intended to be sincere.

So I'll remain anonymous.
so, I take it I did something bad that you want to forget me for.

To help me not be an ass in the future.... can i have a hint as to the behavior that makes you want to forget me?
why send this message? what outcome are you seeking?
Nope, nothing bad. Only good.

And there is no outcome sought. That's why I'm remaining anon -- so my message can be taken as a pure compliment, free of any motive.
according to you it wasn't meant as flattery or a compliment.

If it wasn't anonymous it would be more complimentary. I'd prefer to know. Unless there is some glaringly bad reason I shouldn't know.
in the end... the message was very sweet but it staying will really just frustrate me and remind me of feeling lonely.
*staying anonymous
I'd have been happy to stay anonymous to avoid any notion of motives but I don't want to aggravate you either.

It's Jason.
...and that's why I didn't say anything.

I figured it'd be nice if you knew you left an impression so indelible it remains six years hence and leave it at that.

I wanted you to know someone finds you remarkable. Someone without a motive for saying so. That's all.

Take care.
I actually had a feeling it was you. I'm glad it is.