I dont really know how to say this. but i like you, a lot. have for years. when everyone else called you nerdy names and told you to shut up i admired your boldness and cute smirk. when someone asked a question, you always answered exactly like i would have. when other people talked bad about you behind your back i always stuck up for you. always. but then you went and showed others your brilliant smile and bright personality. So they fell too. and because i never told anyone about how i felt i bit back my feelings and helped them out. i helped them get closer to you, to try to know you like i felt i did. all while on the verge of breaking down. and i know others that want you, many others that would give almost anything to be with you. except maybe what i would. but all that doesnt matter now. because you found someone you want who wants you too. just know that they dont deserve you. not even i do. youll probably forget my name soon, but ill never forget yours. good luck. find someone who deserves you.