Je ne suis plus ton soleil

I should've listen to you when you said that you're a jerk. Here is a confirmation: Yes, you are. You don't make me laugh and you don't make me feel special. I shouldn't be the one waiting for your whatsapp messages. Obviously, you don't have that much respect for me since you blatantly ignored me when I said that I don't want sex. Actions speak louder than words. Even when you are sweet-talking me up, I doubt if there was ever anything else on your mind other than sex. Evidently, all you ever wanted was sex; you had sex twice during the week when I was gone. One week. What's scarier is the person that you have turned me into. Cigarettes, sex, late nights out, not caring about things... what's worst, is that somewhere along the line, you became my priority. I am falling for you. So I am here to rectify that. No whatsapp messages, no late night booty-calls, no nonsense, no falling for your clever candy-sweet words. Je ne suis plus ton soleil, not anymore.