Once, you posted a link to "The 10 Coolest Foreign Words the English Language Needs", and on it was the Yaghan word, "Mamihlapinatapai": a look between two people that suggests an unspoken, shared desire.

"It's the shy dude and the insecure girl, sitting there at each end of a park bench, perhaps glancing every now and then at the other and blushing whenever eye contact is made, forever making trivial conversation, each imagining the two of them fucking like wildcats."

I hate to say it, but I WAS that insecure girl and at the time, I was pretty sure you were that shy dude. I usually know when my crush is unrequited. Then, every once in a while, someone comes along with whom I feel a strong, electric energy- one who mirrors the attraction I feel for them. Perhaps it was my imagination, but I felt this strong connection with you.

I know I only worked up the courage to talk to you a few times, but I was daunted when you didn't respond to my Halloween invitation. After that, I stopped trying to talk to you because I figured you were just weirded out by me. I admit that I continued to look at your Diggs on Facebook, just because I found them so interesting, but I took your lack of conversation to mean that I should back off.

I'm over it now, but sometimes I still wonder whether or not we could've had something. Take care, and keep on smelling good and looking cute. ;)