Not Working

Look at how many people have recently left the company. It is BECAUSE the leadership is moving in the wrong direction.
Lean is not the answer. Sensibility is.
The company is being pushed to continually improve. This is good, but it comes with risk and responsibility. The pushing is becoming more like shoving.
Ian is a good person, but as a leader, he falls greatly short. He should stop trying to be everyone's friend and care more about making engines that work.
His biggest problem is his inability to get rid of people that are holding up production and work against sound principles of business.
His secretary, Kathy, needs to be fired immediately. She is a *nightmare* and thinks she runs the place. IAN ALLOWS THIS BEHAVIOR TO CONTINUE.
The Six Sigma office is also a scam -full of bitter unprofessionals. Jason Carrol has nothing good to say about ANYONE and has the worst language to describe co-workers AND leadership.
Mary Fourney is a nightmare too. She's plain mean and incompetent.
There are a ton of people who should be let go.
I'm trying to hang in there until my next job offer. It won't be a surprise when I leave, that's for sure.
Thought you should know.

Really. Of all people, Kathy must go.
Has Kathy been fired yet? No. Should she be? HELL YES.