One last question

After months I still feel as if it were yesterday when my soul disappeared. I’m an empty shell of a man. You were my whole life… My spirit. I never knew how mechanical my life would become. So uneventful… I have almost everything I thought I wanted. But in actuality I only have my thoughts. A man trapped in his own mind searching for the reason he misses you so deeply. This is why I’m sending you this. To ask forgiveness. Forgiveness for all the times I neglected you and brought you down. For the times when you were crying on the inside and I never noticed. For shadowing you from the world just for my own selfishness and cowardice. For blaming you for everything wrong in my life. And for simply not loving you with all of my heart and soul. I was wrong. I simply was. I pray that you live and love with all your passion. Show that smile that made knees weak and my whole being feel with meaning. I just have to ask for your forgiveness. I always ‘think of you fondly’. Mon Cheri