Orion in My Sky

Orion in My Sky

Adventure often arrives in a Camaro, not a limo.

The attraction was always there. I wondered how sweet it would be to hold you in my arms. I found out... I adore the flavor of melting chocolate you left on my lips... I hoped my skin would make you feel all the amazing that you deserve to know, all that is possible for two souls.

The conflict simmers under your skin, just brightening your profile enough for me to wonder if... to carefully hope that I would be invited to touch you, if I would be welcome and warmed... or if it would be too much.

The strength I show to the world is so often an act... and as much, is too strong... trusting will take some time.

I fear I focused too much on the practical the morning after and I fear you took it too much to heart... hopefully, one day soon, it will make more sense, it will be less important.

Keep your distance if you must, please don't be just like every other guy... but when you're ready to take the keys to the ignition, and ready to hand them over...

The spaces in the sky above and around us can be cherished for all the room they give us to keep us special for ourselves, for as long as we want it to be.

Please, sweet, strong, shy, bold, mine Orion, don't feel anything but thrilled for us to be our own force of nature, just for now.

When the rest of the world is ready to experience us, we will know it.

Come, I'll make us a fried egg sammich while you mix us a Jack and Coke...

[I left you a funny message days ago at work but it may not have been delivered...]