I am not like you. I've always been different. I've always been an individual, and many times I've hated all of your for not being like me, or myself for not being like you. I don't fit in with the rest of you; I'm out of step. I think in a completely different manner. I'm free to look at the world, you only see what your peers see. It is a great thing to truly be an individual, but it is also painful a lot of the time. I've had to endure growing pains throughout my childhood, recurring moments when I remember my alienation and either ardently wish to be like you or aggressively push my own strangeness from you. I want to scream: "I AM NOT LIKE YOU!" You think adolescence is tough? Try going through it from the moment you start kindergarten, all the way through the rest of your life. That's what I will always be. I will never be like you. I will never find someone to truly love in this world. All that I ever tried to love rejected me. I am forever alone.