Our 'status'

Ever since you told me you changed your mind about our 'status', I keep going through all the things you have been telling me for the last 6 months; I don't feel comfortable having sex while I'm living with this lunatic, I can't get it up because I'm depressed about my money situation, blah blah blah. Oh and also why you would never travel to see me; there could be something wrong with my car again and I don't want to be stranded, you are still with your husband, I don't feel comfortable around lots of people. Now I have been on my own for almost 5 months and you have moved in with a normal roomate and your car is fixed. I guess I'm no longer a challenge.
I know-you were just using me. I was just someone to stroke your ego and give you fucking awesome massages. I was there when you needed me.
I loved you. I guess that doesn't count because I never said it to you or you to me.