Pity... belong to another!

For a VERY long time now you have taken my breath away!

It was SO much simpler not knowing that!
Guess you know who this is then!
Somewhat hazardous I guess, but gut instinct usually works well.
How can it be 'simpler not knowing' how I have been feeling about you if you don't know who I am?
Even if you never know who I am I hope that someday our paths will cross again and that circumstances will be different, and that you will be able to hold me close, even if for just one moment!
What clues would you like to know then?
Not sure whether knowing who I am would be a good idea. It would have all sorts of implications and I it could potentially cause difficulties.for us both.

I actually thought that with time I could stop thinking about you and move on, but my feelings only seem to have grown. Not even you stint abroad did anything to lessen the way I feel!

There was a time when I thought that you possibly had the same feelings as me, but then you pulled away and have kept your distance ever since. Although I notice that you still seem uncomfortable in my company and avoid direct contact. I have often be close to asking you why!
I could be very wrong though, but I do trust instinct!
...And to be very honest I am pleasantly surprised that you responded to the initial note.
Either that was in error or what I wrote has sent your mind into overdrive I take it?
Not sure I have the courage.It has taken me forever just to get to the place where I could send you the initial notification. I am actually quite a shy person and this is by no means an easy thing for me to confess. What if I am not the person you may be wanting it to be? How on earth could I face you again?
Deep down I was hoping you would know who it was...but I guess that was just wishful thinking on my part!
I am however intrigued that you say 'confirm' who I am and not reveal!
My intentions were never to cause you to wonder if there are other layers of meaning behind interactions with close colleagues . I apologise for putting you in that position.
I also realise your circumstances so will disappear as quickly as I appeared.
Not sure if it has any relevance, but no, not more than 10 years.
This was never meant to cause harm it was merely to let you know that you do have an admirer! x
Happy New Year x
Easier said than done...!
Easier said than done...!
Easier said than done...!
I am not sure that the last comment added recently is from the person my messages were intended for...We have not taken any risks as far as I am concerned.
I can't get you out of my matter how hard I have tried.
Can't get you out of my matter how hard I have tried.
2 years....nothing's changed!