She reads, his hidden notes..

To the Girl of My Dreams: In my reality, you are my friend, my companion, and my buddy. Yet, in my dreams, you are my lover, my soul mate, and my girl. Why do you stir my emotions so? How can I get so emotional over a girl so far away? This love that I have for you seems so pure and yet so unnatural. Why do I carry such heavy emotions? Your simple beauty is ever present due to your kindness and sensitivity. Your curly hair, thick and lustrous, Your smooth and simple curves are aligned so well upon your tiny frame, Your warm, gentle smile soothes the torrid seas of my heart and soul. Your voice is as soft and mellow as angel harp strings. I am enchanted by your simple poise and charm. Your strength and resilience is amazing. A lesser woman would be driven insane and yet, you continue to endure. The impatient desires of men do not belay you from what is important, your self-respect and future. Oh how I wish I could help carry your burden a little. I feel so helpless sometimes for the sheer fact that I am not close to you. The Almighty doesn’t give man too much opportunity in the love department. I hope that you will keep your good judgment, that you will never leave me alone, and that you will always be my friend as you say. I long for the day we meet face to face. I will introduce you to my world. To the simple beauty of Mother Nature. To introduce you to my family and to their home cooking. I can’t seem to get you out of my mind. Even though we have many differences, I have the deepest respect for you. Your friendship is more valuable than all my emotions are worth. As I lay myself down, I begin to see you in my eyes and I know that you feel the same way, but I’m scare to tell you my exact feelings because I’m not near you, but FAR.