So this is goodbye.

I wish everything was different. I wish we were speaking and everything was back to the way it used to be. I don't know why I want all this. I shouldn't. You have hurt me so much. And I still want you. It's messed up and wrong. You told me you loved me and you promised me so many things. But the way you could make me feel. Like I was beautiful and no one compared to me. I don't know if i could feel that special without you. But I have to forget you. I HAVE to be strong. You are just another teenage boy. What do you know about life and love- nothing. Its not like i know anything either. But I do know you will just keep hurting me, because that is what stupid boys do. You gave me reasons. You said you hurt me because our friendship was too important. What kind of sense does that even make. So this is goodbye. For forever. Because if i go back, I lose will lose myself. And I if went back, it wouldn't be me. It may take some time but I will forget you. And you know what else- I hope you remember me and every time you see my face I hope it gives you hell. Because i'm the girl who knew better than you.
I'm sorry