So...what are YOU doing?

You want me to make plans and go out with other people, but then you act upset if I go out and have fun without you. You tell me that you don't want to know what I'm doing, but then you act like I'm keeping things from you when I don't tell you. You tell me that I should let go...but it seems you're the one that can't let go. I'm not interested in being with anyone else (ever), and I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to encourage me to "move on." You love me. I love you. Neither of those facts will change. You are notorious for changing your mind, and you can't seem to say how you really feel. This, inevitably, will keep me holding on to you forever. I never make plans because I wait until the last second to see if I can go out with you. This means that I will miss out on everything. Even when I know you can't go out, I stay at home just in case you change your mind and come over to surprise me. While it is true that I'd rather spend time with you than do anything else - I really wish you could be honest about your feelings and stop playing games. Your mind play will not work on me. If you love me - say it. If you want to be with me, but you have doubts - say it. Don't pretend like you don't have those feelings. I'm not your puppet.