Hello! By the time you read this someday has come... I hope.. I know what i'm going to say is kinda crazy but I always think about you, even though I don't know your name yet, your face, your voice.. or who you are.. I always think about how we'll meet.. how we'll get to know each other. Thinking about these things.. thinking about you, it always puts a smile in my face.

I hope when fate has decided we would meet. I hope you're ready to be with me.. but if you're not yet ready.. to be with me.. I'll still wait if that what it takes.. even if it takes a long time.

I still have so much I want to say here but I don't know..
The words are all jumbled inside my head.. kinda like being tongue tied..

Maybe by the time you have already read this message.. maybe we're already together.. or maybe not.. Maybe we were together but you're not ready yet and I decided to let you know something that deep in my heart and I let you read this.. hoping this message helps you..

But until the time comes! I'll patiently live my life. Over come all the struggles I have to face in this game of life, be strong and keep the fighting spirit burning.

Someday after you read this I'll tell you more about what's deep inside my heart.

Someday I'll meet you my future love. My fate. My destiny.


-Your future love, fate, destiny.